Who are you, writer?

Hey, I’m Nina and I’m a Home-aholic.

A full time mum, most people find it strange that my main desire is to stay home, play with my boys, clean and write. But it’s what I do. It’s what I live for. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Mainly because I can spend most of my life cocooned in my pajamas with a trusty bar of chocolate by my side. I love writing, singing, painting, and best of all mumsy-ing (even though it’s not really a word … but it is a thing!)

Now to introduce the family …

Ash is my husband, and is the smartest guy I know. Something he reminds me of constantly. Sometimes purposefully, sometimes inadvertently via conversations we have when I suddenly realize, I have NO idea what he’s talking about. He’s passionate though, so a nod and a smile, a few well-placed ‘mmm’s’ and an excited ‘yeah’ here and there seems to placate him. He’s doing a law course and is going to be a barrister – a GREAT barrister. He’s not stuck up though; far from it.

Our love language is ‘Friends’ quotes and an equal fervent love for all things Harry Potter; this man is my hero (Ash that is, not Harry Potter – though he is up there.)

Noah, our oldest, is a (Harry Potter-style) scruffy-haired, Mickey Mouse obsessed sweetheart with a penchant for Wine Gums (or as he calls them, ‘Wind Gums’ (which he says followed be a chorus of ‘Wind the bobbin up.’)

Tobias is our youngest and a little bit of a Diva.

Though, a Diva with a very low voice; so low in fact that he makes Barry White sound like a Smurf – on helium. He’s possibly the most easy-going, relaxed child you’ll ever encounter. That is unless he’s hungry. Or tired. Or has done a poo. He like grapes. His smile is like a rainbow.


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