Smog Attack!

Anyone else not afraid to admit they’re a bit freaked out by this smog?

It’s like something out of a Sci-Fy movie, all this thick clouded air, folks taking it easy, not leaving their homes, faces covered with bandanas & masks. The Conspiracy Theories have already started – radioactive dust from overseas, gene mutating vapours sent by aliens to transform us all into them, mind altering gas released by the government to make us conform; I’d be surprised if someone doesn’t bring the missing MH370 plane into it at some point.

I think the problem is, that whether it’s going to kill us all or not (I keep swaying) we can see it. We’ve seen the air alter around us. We’re all watching our children breathing, fearful of coughing fits, wheezing, or the worst, an asthma attack. It might not be dangerous, but being able to see it makes any risk seem very plausible & real. It doesn’t help with the media posting pictures of people in makeshift mask contraptions & spewing scaremongering press titles (“Rise in 999 calls for breathing problems”, “The toxic truth”, “Killer smog”, “How to survive the pollution”.)

Air pollution. Level 10. A cocktail of man-made & natural pollutants. So much spiel. The medias sole initiative in the face of this is to bombard us with words evoking bad feeling & nasty connotations. Every time I turn on the TV I’m expecting to see footage akin to the Duck & Cover cartoons. They revel in the drama & the effect they can make it have on us & what’s more dramatic than an airborne death attack ?? It’s like they’re preparing us – that Deathcon Five is imminent. I admit it, as much as I think it’s ridiculous, there’s a teeny tiny, minuscule (though no less very real part of me) that’s a bit worried. Because once a niggling seed of doubt is planted, if we don’t stop it straight away it roots in & makes itself comfortable.

To be honest though, you definitely shouldn’t take my word for it; I’m weird when it comes to breathing. Maybe it’s a form of claustrophobia? If someone gets too close I fear they’ll breathe in my mouth/nose & I’ll breathe in their exerted carbon dioxide & die. Seriously. Well, slight exaggeration, but I sometimes think it. & I know it’s stupid. I know it’s not going to happen. But I still think it might. & it’s the same with this sandy air. I know it’s probably not going to hurt me – the chances are minuscule – but it doesn’t mean it couldn’t, in my mind. & even though I’m inside my home I’m still breathing in air – air that is made from outside my home. (I need to be surrounded by trees right now. Why don’t I live in a forest?? Where’s a gas mask when you need one???!)

I love the idea that once you’ve said something you can’t ever take it back – not really. Once it’s been said, it’s out in the universe for all to ponder on.

I haven’t read any conspiracy theories about aliens being in control of the smog. But I wrote it just a few paragraphs up. So now I’ve said it. & the majority of folks who read this won’t think anything of it – they’ll laugh it off as what it is, a joke. But I guarantee you, someone out there, in the back of their mind maybe or perhaps at the very forefront is thinking that it’s a possibility – that I haven’t just made it up, that I have a viable source where I got this information from. & they will search for it. & they will talk about it. & they will post it on Facebook & Twitter. & other people will see it, & voila – it’s everywhere! The media knows this. The media uses this tactic to get people talking about their stories. Everyone does it; films, TV shows, novels. No matter how ridiculous the idea, once it is said or written or shown, it’s out there (just think about Animal Planet’s Mermaid Mockumentary; they even outright stated it wasn’t real & yet people still believe it, even now.)

Someone said it so it must be true, somewhere. Someone thought it so it must have some grounding. It’s all ludicrous. After all, if I told Noah that the sea used to be pink, & that was in his thoughts & he told other people, it doesn’t make it any more true, does it? So by this theory, the smog will pass in a few days, blown away, and we’ll be left with clean(ish) tidy air again. No worries.

But then, just because the pink sea isn’t true to you or I, it doesn’t mean it’s not true to Noah. And so it is true. At least to one little boy.

Maybe the aliens really are up to something…


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