Aaaah, fresh starts!

It’s been a while. Again.

I’m not going to throw any excuses out at you. I’ve been a pants blogger the last few months. I have. And that’s OK. Sometimes life just gets in the way of the things you want to do. Like write. And eat. And shower. (OK, maybe it doesn’t get that grim, but sometimes it feels like it. And smells like it. *joke*)

I suppose the person I need to tell that it’s OK to miss a blog entry once in a while is myself. It’s not like you’re all sat around waiting for me to write something, is it? (Or at least I hope not – I’m really not that interesting. Well, sometimes I am – it depends what kind of day I’m having.

For example, this week I’ve been painting. As such, I’ve worn the same pair of jeans every single day (except for when I’ve been out – I’m not that gross.) And I haven’t done this since … well, ever. Even in my uni days I was well groomed. I like things clean, something I fear I’ve passed onto Noah. (Me: Look Noah, mud! Noah: Argh! – Oh dear.) I’m scared my jeans are now growing colonies of something. What if they develop a  higher intelligence? What if they slowly begin to penetrate my thoughts and taking over my mind? (I haven’t been to see The Host yet. I think it’s playing on my mind.) But I digress.)

I do feel like I should apologise for being such a shoddy writer lately though. One miss is OK, but a month or two? uh huh, *shakes head* not cool. Call it what you will – lethargy, apathy, crazy-busy-lifey-y (I realise that’s not a word, but there was a certain alliteration thing going on and I decided to go with it. Sue me.)

Anyway, I’ve been rubbish – sorry!

From now on, I’m declaring a fresh start (I hate that phrase, but hey, if it’ll give me the kick up the butt I need, I’ll say it again – FRESH START!) I WILL be writing on here at least once a week. I WILL, I WILL, I WILL! Because if I don’t all I can think is, what’s the point in keeping this thing going? The whole purpose of this blog was to document different aspects of my life – mainly those of my kiddos – so that, when I look back, I can remember all the incredible, silly, awful, enlightening, terrifying things they did/do, and laugh and smile and weep. And then they can read it all when they’re able and cry and cringe for different reasons. *giggles gleefully*

And the truth is, I love blogging. I love writing! When I don’t over think it, when I write what I want to and don’t panic about the perfectness of it (there’s the OCD coming into play again), I LOVE it! There’s nothing better than doing something you feel like you are meant to do, even if there’s no recognition and people think you’re insane, it doesn’t matter – we do it anyway – because we love it. Because we thrive on the self-congratulatory “I did it!”, I have something to show for myself, I’m doing it because it makes me – not anybody else – happy! If no one else like it, who cares? I do.

So here’s to a better blogging future, full of a little less OCD, more dirty nappies, and (I hope) a few laughs!

my eye

(I’m watching you! (But not really – I don’t have the time.))


2 responses

  1. LOL take it easy on yourself! How about a challenge to Blog every day? Well, if you had some real motivation maybe…. funny we should talk about our “dress” and “time” almost at the same time (check out my blogs from last night). Time is a precious commodity! Use it wisely! Have a great one!

    • Ha! Thanks Cathy! I think becoming a mum somehow makes me more high maintenance (though I never saw that happening – didn’t see it as a possibility actually – how can *I* become *more* high maintenance?? LOL) I’m considering the blogging every day challenge – even if I only have time to put up a photo, at least it will get me back into the practice of at least visiting and modifying my blog again! Time is definitely precious – at the moment it feels like it’s speeding on by! Thanks for your comment and like! Blessings, Nina x

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