Boiler Hell

I have the habit when I’m washing up of leaving the hot tap running, and not filling up the sink. I hate the idea of my dishes swimming around in dirty water from the things I’ve washed before them. Why don’t I empty the sink and then re-fill it you ask? Well, because I just don’t want to. I don’t like it. I’ve never done it. It’d be like breaking an addiction, and I’m currently doing that with chocolate – this is my fix. My water fix. My dad used to tell me off for it – maybe that’s why I do it. Either way, I can’t get used to filling a sink with water. I just can’t. (And yes, I do rinse the plates beforehand, and no we don’t have a dishwasher – very ’99 I know.)

But on Tuesday, I got a very nasty wake up call. I went to do the first of my three time daily washing up routine, ran the tap and “oh, that’s cold.”

Checked the boiler. The pilot light was off. I don’t know how to light the pilot light.

So Ash, my lovely lovely Ash, came home from work in his dinner break to sort it for me. YEY! All sorted. He drives off to work, I turn the hot tap on and *pop*. The pilot light goes off again. Ash had just shown me what to do, so I got to it light after a few tries. Turned the hot tap on again and *bang*. Oh good God. Off again. Tried to light it. Nothing.

Next was a call to the estate agents, which took a ridiculous amount of time because no one was answering the phone. While this is going on, Noah decided to pee himself, Babu woke from his nap, and the boiler started spewing out water. Argh.

During this time I had the biggest pile of washing up imaginable to work through, and no hot water to run endlessly down the sink. And so I filled the sink. It took about half an hour, and I had to boil around 8 kettles full of water in order to have enough to wash up in. *scowl*

The estate agents finally called me back and said that our land lady wanted to come check the pressure of the boiler as she thought that was the problem. My response; she’s welcome to, but that’s not the problem.

Two hours later our land lady turns up, messes with it for 5 minutes before deciding what I already knew – it was broken.

So then she had to call British Gas. From home. And it took her half an hour to get home.

So at 4.05pm, 4 hours after the problem started, I receive a text from British Gas:

“Your appointment is booked for Wed 31 Oct between 8am and 6pm.”

Erm, WHAT??!

Five minutes later our land lady calls and says it’s the best she could do as it was so late on in the day. She’d told them we had young children, and they had a great response – “Do they have any babies under 6 months old?” Answer, no. “Then there’s nothing we can do.”

I literally have no response to that other than things that I really don’t want to write in a blog or say out loud. But what I will say is, we were left for 2 days with 2 children, one severely poorly with a cold, without any hot water or heating in a house that’s temperature was almost at 10 degrees. And I couldn’t even go out because I had a 10 hour window in which someone would come and might be able to fix our boiler. Disgusting.

Thank God for blankets.


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