“Just around the corner.”

Seriously Pets At Home? No public rest room, seriously? What year are we living in exactly?? Why on earth did I have to walk 2 miles (slight over-exaggeration, but it corroborates my story nicely here) to the nearest public convenience, with my 2 year old son, screaming all the way, because you haven’t provided a service for your customers? A BASIC service. I don ‘t care about free balloons for my kids and raffles to win a tub of Celebrations; the balloons before long end up forming a safety hazard when one of my boys pops it and the other tries to put it in their mouth, and I’m trying to control them in a shop with many child-level shelves and objects right now – they do NOT need the sugar. Why not use the space more wisely for something people want or rather, need.

You should have toilets. You are a shop that provides animals and pets that parents buy for CHILDREN. Vis a vis, children WILL be in your store. Children WILL need to go to the toilet. And your current solution? Walk to the store around the corner. Except it’s not just around the corner, is it? You’re on a main road with dozens of cars whizzing by you every moment, and the shop ‘just around the corner’ takes you over roads, grassy hills, what can only be described as a building site, and a flight of stairs (and NO, this is not me exaggerating again.)

I almost asked your staff member where she goes to the rest room; does she, like all us commoners, pop ‘just around the corner’ whenever she needs to tinkle, or does she have an iron clad bladder, one that only requires her to go before she starts her shift and when she gets home at the end of the day? I’m sorry, but I cannot expect my child to hold it until we get home, not when it’s 10 minutes away on a bumpy car journey. He cannot cross his legs and think of something else. And yes, he did already go before we left home 15 minutes ago. But he’s a child, something I’m sure you see a lot of on a  day to day basis and should be prepared for.

Now I’m not a mean person by anyone’s standards. I’m afraid of confrontation, I spend half my day worrying what people think of me, and I’m always always polite. But I’m hoping the death stare I provided some of your staff with today spoke volumes and that the harassed looking dad stood behind me with what appeared to be a similar issue, only with a child who clearly had not waited until they got to the store ‘just around the corner’, had the courage to speak where I did not.

And so my mini-rant is here, for all to see, banished into cyber hell.

(**Note: I almost had him pee on the corner of the store wall (outside of course) but I thought that would be an inappropriate and immature reaction. Unlike this, of course.)


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