Sense comes with context …

I haven’t managed to do an entry in a little while (it’s crazy how busy life with two children gets sometimes – or rather, how crazy you yourself become) but here’s a quick little update to let you know I’m still around. Next instalment? Hopefully tomorrow.


Words have various meanings and hold many amounts of connotations depending on the context you use them in.

Here’s what a few become when you hover the word ‘child’ or ‘baby’ near them …


– An activity in which to be kicked, punched, bitten, licked, spat on.

– An activity in which to be pee’d on.

– An activity in which to be hit in the face with a penis (if said child is a boy. If not, erm …)


– (When of baby stage) Boobies.

– (When of toddler age) Chocolate!


– A thing to wee in.

– A thing to tip up.

– A thing to throw down the stairs.

– A thing to develop certain sensory developments in, e.g. sight, smell, touch …

– A thing to eat from.

Washing Machine.

– A thing to climb in.

– A thing to put toast in.

– A thing that is always on.

– A thing to stand and scream at whilst comfort blanket is being washed.

Bubble bath.

– Fair game.

– A thing to submerge a siblings head in.

– A thing to lick.

Computer/Lap Top.

– A thing to be used as a drum.


– Giver of Disney.

– (Toddler’s) personal property.

– A thing to be used as a drum.


– A thing to be avoided/struggle out of.

– A thing to give in search of sweets.


– (Parent) “What’s that?”

– A thing to be eaten.

– A thing to hide.

– A thing to hoard and pretend is lost so as to gain more.


– Teething apparatus.

– (For the parent) A repetitive torture device.


– Bacteria-infested.

– Snot covered.

– (Toddler) “Mine!”


Please feel free to add any other ‘child-infected’ words/phrases you think are appropriate! 


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