Things you might like to know …

Ok, so I’ve missed a few days of blogging due to an inability to access my site (?) and various ailments like migraines and the need to shower, so I figured I’d share a few interesting facts about myself (and a few about our little family) that you may like to know.

1. I’m currently on the Slimming World diet. I’ve lost around 1st 7lb’s at the moment. Or I should say HAD. I’ve put on around half of that in the last few weeks. I’m at a total loss as to why – all I’ve done is eat Ben and Jerry’s every other night for the past month and not stuck to the diet whatsoever. Will this mystery ever be solved?

2. If eating Skittles (which is a rare occurrence these days (as I’m not thirteen anymore)) I eat them in a certain colour formation (forget the earlier parenthesis as this DOES make me look thirteen). Ok, here goes: yellow (least favourite), orange (boring), green (getting tastier), and then either red or purple, depending on how daring I’m feeling on that particular day. Red is a daring day.

3. I’m afraid of fish skin. And scales. (Not of the weighing variety, but those that form the outer shell of a fish. Urgh.)

4. I used to drink incredibly strong, sweet caffeinated black coffee. Since having the boys though, the thought of this turns my stomach and so I now only drink weak, unsweetened, decaffeinated milky coffee. I am a puzzle unto myself.

5. We go to church. We’re not weird. But we go to church. And we love it.

6. My favourite days of the week are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, because Ash is home on those days.

7. I’ve seen the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice well over one hundred times and I’m still not bored of it.

8. Ash’s middle names are Joseph Iain. When said fast they sounds like Josephine. *giggles ensue*

9. If I eat crumpets, I have to butter both sides.

10. I hate talking on the phone. If you call me and I don’t answer, nine times out of ten I’m watching it ring next to my hand, waiting for a voicemail. I’ll then text you back later. This isn’t because I hate you. This is because I hate talking on the phone.

11. Babu currently has no spacial awareness. He’s smacked his head on the breakfast bar in the kitchen at least three times today. If he’s walking towards you and you walk towards him he falls backwards because he think you’re closer than you are.

12. When it comes to geography I’m totally clueless. If it came to it, I couldn’t point Spain out on a map. If it came to it, I’d probably struggle to point Britain out on a map.

13. Ash is a wiz at Geography.

14. If Google wasn’t around I think I’d die; I think a lot of people would.

15. I’m writing a novel.

16. If anyone asks me what my favourite movie is, I want to slap them. (This also applies to books and food.) I don’t know what my favourite movie is; there are too many. Stop asking me. You’re causing me hours, if not days of agonising trying to work it out. And I still haven’t. I’m twenty-four years old and I don’t have a favourite movie. It stresses me out and makes me feel sub-human. Does anybody know what their favourite film is? Or do they just say they do in order to appear superior? I don’t know. Because I don’t have one. This makes me sad.

17. I think that reading old books is like greeting old friends. Reading new books is like making new ones. I would read constantly if I could.

18. My nickname in school was Parsnip-Persnip-Personage-DWB (Deadly Wicked Bananas) – I forget why.

19. I’m addicted to chocolate. I’m currently trying to detox my body so it doesn’t crave it anymore. It would probably help if I hadn’t eaten a piece of Toblerone at 10am this morning. Whoops.

20. We’ve just found out we’ve got a mouse infestation in our kitchen. I had to go buy a trap today. I like mice; I don’t however like them in my kitchen.

21. Ash times how long his tea brews for. He hovers over anyone who is making him a cup of tea. He pulls faces if his tea’s not perfect.

22. I’ve recently discovered I’m pretty good at painting. ‘Old dog, new tricks’ and all that …

(By the way, some of these images aren’t mine … just in case you think I’m stealing or anything … =P)


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