Growing pains

Ash revealed something rather frightening earlier.

The age that Tobias is now at is the age Noah was when Babu was born.

I can’t believe it …

For one thing, that means I spent the majority of Noah’s early life pregnant, vomiting everywhere and eating chocolate cake like it was going out of fashion, and for another it means that my wonderful little boys are growing up – fast.

Babu is fifteen months old. He can say numerous words, walk and eat a yoghurt without assistance: my youngest. The one who never slept and used our fingers as a teething apparatus.

Noah is twenty-nine months old – almost two and a half years old! My baby – my firstborn! The one who pee’d everywhere (actually, he still does pee everywhere) projectile poo’d on my parents sofa (hasn’t done that in a while (thankfully)), and breastfed for six months, non-stop. He didn’t take a break. I had to sleep with him attached. It made going to the loo kind of awkward.

I’ve spent the last few hours facing the truth; my babies aren’t newborns any more.

Gosh, I can practically see them going off to university …

Here are a few pictures I like to look at every now and then to remind me that, yes, they were once that small.


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