Fair game

We have a big vase in our living room. It’s where a fire should be but where our landlord neglected to put one. So, as a focal point, we filled the vase with fake flowers and reeds, but pretty ones, not tacky. At least, I don’t think so; you may disagree.

Anyway, Noah’s known since he could crawl that touching its a big no no; Tobias the same – we’ve always been worried that it will fall on them or onto the floor, crash and smash into little pieces, pot everywhere (basically shards of clay that someone will stand on or that Tobias will eat at some point in the future.)

They’ve never touched it.

That is, until Noah discovered his toy pliers, or as he calls them, his scissors.

He uses them to cut things; the grass, spaghetti, my hair. Now, it’s the flowers; the flowers in the vase.

I’ve told him not to. Many many times.

Yesterday, I went into the study leaving the boys alone for around three minutes. I’ve had to deduce what happened in those few minutes by what I saw when I came back and what I heard when I was out of the room.

I heard a clunk – the type of clunk that comes from when pot hits metal – and a yell from each of the boys. I ran into the room. The first thing I saw was Tobias laid on his belly over the ‘fire’ hearth, head mere centimetres from the vase, on it’s side, flowers strewn everywhere. I scooped him up and swung around to see Noah, eyes wide, staring at me looking extremely innocent. I asked him ‘What happened?’ His answer? ‘Using me scissors’ at which point he held up his pliers and a reed from inside the vase.

I put Babu down, stood the vase back up and reiterated all our numerous instructions regarding the vase. He pouted and hugged his pliers close to his chest. He’d obviously attempted to cut a reed, tugged on it and knocked the vase over in the process. Tobias had obviously seen something naughty going on and jumped at his chance to participate.

The worst thing now is knowing that Tobias sees it as fair game. He’s going to be on it whenever my eyes aren’t on him. And yes, I know I should move it really; there’s no other option. But it just looks so pretty.


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