Sunshine, lollipops and … washing!

Yesterday, after my first ever Zumba class, I had to do a boatload of washing.

Hanging our washing out to dry is not something I generally like to do. (At least, to clarify, when I think about doing it I audibly groan. And stamp my feet a little bit. Might pout too.)

Normally when I start hanging it out though, I end up enjoying it. There’s nothing quite like sunshine and a light breeze to put me in a good mood. (And jumping up and down in the same spot over and over again in order to grasp the washing line (I’m short …) I need a box to stand on.) Really bright sunshine I don’t like, though. It hurts my eyes. And every part of my skin it touches.

I’ve had sun stroke twice in the last week; my shoulders are so red I look like someone’s painted me. Maybe I should think about purchasing a sun hat? Or borrowing Noah’s … I’m not sure if Mickey Mouse ears would suit me however.

Sun screen should probably be bought too … I can’t use the boys’; I don’t want it to run out. And it’s blue. And smells weird. They seem to like it though. (Just to make it clear that when I say they like it, I mean they like it as much as any child can when they’re squirming and screaming as you try to apply it to their nose.)

Putting washing out yesterday was particularly fun because Noah decided that he was going to help out. Not so much with the washing side of it but more, stealing the pegs, throwing balls at me – you get the idea. After ten minutes of this, I decided to focus his efforts on something less destructive. And so, we made a counting game – Noah would collect all the leftover pegs he’d hidden/thrown etc, and count them back into the peg basket. After that, he decided it was Mickey Mouse time. And so we counted all of his ‘kick balls’ as he tidied them all back into his play house.

He then went inside while I mowed the lawn (for the second time in a week.) It had once again grown to jungle length.

I then went and laid down on the lawn while Babu clambered all over me and Ash planted his new Raspberry, Blackberry and Strawberry plants. He was very excited about them. Gardening is a lost love.

My legs are sore, my shoulders are sore, I’m missing half of my pegs, grass covers my clothes, and my compost bin is packed full of grass – but it was worth it to spend my time basking in the sun with my little family.

And today – rain! PJ day it is!


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