Who’s been eating my porridge?!

When I eat (any food, whether the boys like it or not) this is what I see;

Tobias’s word for food is ‘Ma’. He will literally scream it until you put something in his mouth. He will scream, he will whine, he will shove his hands into your bowl/onto your plate; “Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma!”.

Noah’s more diplomatic; he punctuates Toby’s cries with manipulative cajoles – “Just one mummy”, “Just one more mummy”, “Just a tiny bit”, “Just a little bit”, “Last one,” “Last time”, “Pleeeeeaaaaaaase mummy *sad eyes*”.

Needless to say, since having the boys there’s generally always a ‘rumbly in my tumbly’ (said in the voice of Winnie the Pooh *sings* “A Pooh bear takes care of his tummy …!”)

There is no rumbly in my boys tumbly’s … it’s full of my breakfast. And lunch. And dinner.


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