Wake Up Call

This morning (like most mornings) we were woken up by Babu.

I asked Ash the time; 6am. Not too bad then, but given the heat, not getting to bed til after midnight and being poorly for most of yesterday, it felt like 3am.

Ash got up and brought Tobias into bed with us. We do this nearly everyday, and almost always regret it.

He’s not a small baby by any stretch of the imagination. He’s not very delicate either; by that, I mean he’s really rough.

He’d obviously been awake a while as he was VERY lively for such an early time. He’s teething too. He whined a lot and kept slapping at his gums, so we got some teething gel and I put it on him; he bit me.

He spent his entire time on our bed slapping, kicking, wriggling, all with intermittent cuddles where he laid in the most awkward places he could find in order to have a hug (i.e. across our faces, tummy’s, arms etc). He’d then roll off and shove his finger up Ash’s nose; his fingernails are sharp. His giggles were punctuated by Ash’s groans of pain. I giggled. He then pounced on me (Babu – not Ash.)

So basically our mornings consist of baby wrestling (not a certified sport; no babies were harmed during the writing of this Blog.) Noah so far is the champion. He has of course got fifteen months on his baby brother, but that baby brother is getting big. And he’s just started walking.

This is about to get interesting …


4 responses

  1. Awwww… but he’s so cute! My oldest used to come into the bed in the morning to kick, climb, bounce, and I used to realize this was just making both of us not sleep instead of one parent “taking it for the team” and getting up. Now I get up – but I kind of miss the ferocious cuddles. (and extra minutes in bed, even if not sleeping!)

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