Bumps and baths

So, Tobias fell tonight. A proper, full on wallop of his head on the side of the bath. It’s our first ever bath pain related incident with either of the boys. It was horrible. His ear went bright red and became swollen and he just screamed and screamed. Noah put his hand on him and said a little prayer. Quiet ensued and they both went back to playing with their toys. Relief.

Until Ash said “he’ll probably end up with Cauliflower ear or something”.


Instantly images of misshapen boxers & Shrek sprung to my mind. My beautiful, happy little boy.

‘In the night Garden’ is always a healing balm too. An old favourite of Noah’s, he has books, toys, DVD’s. Babu chose one of the books for his bedtime story and as Ash read it to him, Iggle Piggle & Upsy Daisy worked their magic, so much so that when Tobias was in bed, Noah chose it for his story too.

I looked back over the last few years and thought about how our lives have changed. No more so than Mickey mouse becoming a key part of our family, a day unable to pass by without at least a murmur of his name, a hint of his presence. ‘In the Night Garden’ was a welcome sentimental break this evening.


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