“Money makes the world go round …”

Noah has an obsession. Well, he actually has a few, but one that’s come to the forefront at the moment is money.

Money money & more money.

If he sees my purse, he demands ‘money’! If I go to our penny jar he shouts ‘money’! If we go the shop he screams ‘MONEY’! It’s literally driving me bezerk. He wants to hold our cards, count pennies, pay for things … He’s even become possessive over Tobias’s toy piggy bank & the great big fat coins that you slot in to it to make it sing or count.

I’m pretty sure he’s got a secret stash somewhere; I’m positive he’s hoarding money.

Earlier on I heard him scream ‘BABU! MONEY!’ & quickly ran to them both, knowing what had happened.

Noah had yet again retrieved a penny from some unknown source, and whilst playing with it dropped it, at which point Tobias (always wanting to do as his big brother does) took the penny.

He doesn’t yet understand that they’re not for eating.

Without having to think twice I stuck my finger in his mouth & recovered the stolen coin, which is harder than it sounds because he clamps his jaw shut, normally just after your finger’s gotten in there.

I need to find this secret stash – & soon.


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