Why my children don’t cry when ice cream touches their teeth – & why I do.

I have uber sensitive teeth. So much so, that when I take a bite from a piece of fruit from the fridge (e.g. an orange) you will see me tear up, squint, and generally pull a face like someone’s forced me to suck on a lemon. As Ross would say (‘Friends’ quote coming up) “It’s too cold!”

Noah on the other hand, and seemingly Tobias too, have no such issue (granted Babu only has his front teeth). They will literally shovel piles and piles of (freezing cold) grapes, plums, raspberries, blueberries, oranges, yoghurts – you name it – into their mouths.

Noah even chews ice cream. Fact.

Now I know the argument; “You’re older, you’ll most probably have suffered some tooth decay in your life – they’re still babies.” And I know that; I’m not completely thick. However, everything inside me still freaks out a little bit when Noah rams a ‘Mini Milk’ into his mouth and starts chomping away (queue my lemon sucking face.) I will however persevere through it. (Right now some of you are thinking, “Why don’t you just store some of your fruit – oranges perhaps – outside of the fridge.” Well my curious little friend, that’s because I like them to be cold. Yup, I’m insane.)

I like to think that perseverance is a good thing. I like to think that we’ve instilled it in our boys, and in fact lots of things point to the idea that we’ve succeeded.

For example, Noah will persevere in asking for a sweetie despite being told no numerous time. Tobias will persevere in climbing on the futon in the study, standing up and jiggling about, over and over again, no matter how often I pick him up and move him away (on a side note, he can’t walk yet and his standing is still a bit wobbly. He always bounces back though, like a Weeble.)

Noah will persevere in demanding that he walk whenever we go out, so much so that I will pack the pushchair with mounds of shopping only to find that he’s changed his mind, just at the most inconvenient time, and decides to persevere in his want for getting back in the chair.

Tobias perseveres in turning the Sky box off. & climbing the stairs – unsupervised.

So you see, putting my oranges in the fruit bowl instead of the fridge wouldn’t accomplish anything. In fact, it would hinder my children’s development.

Thank you lemon sucking face – thank you.


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