Bedtime woes

We put Noah to bed tonight, going through his usual (extravagant) bedtime routine; bath, story, prayer, kiss him, kiss his teddies (not a joke), say good night & catch a few of his blown kisses as we leave the room. We use the same routine every night; it rarely varies & he always goes straight to sleep.

Ash went downstairs to make a coffee & start on the bomb site that was our kitchen, while I popped into the bathroom to put toothbrushes, hairbrush etc away. I turned to head downstairs & found Noah stood at the end of the hall, clutching his blanket saying one word – “mummy”. He scared the life out of me! I jump easily, so to find him just stood there watching me, silent (until I noticed him) was terrifying!

For anyone who knows me, horror movies, especially those including creepy ghost children, scare the pants off of me – for a moment, I’d literally walked into a nightmare. Yikes.

Noah then saw my fear & started crying. Not fun. As it turns out he’s become extremely hot, sweaty and irritable as the night’s gone on, and looks totally exhausted – Calpol Ahoy!! He’s spent most of the evening wrapped in a duvet eating toast and watching Mickey Mouse.

We’re watching Harry Potter. I just ate an entire bag of giant chocolate buttons. Perfect cure for worrying. That’s right, I’m a worrier. The type that stays awake all night listening for the slightest glimmer of noise, at which point I’m up, my ear pressed firmly against the bedroom door like a paranoid loon.

Somehow Tobias has remained oblivious to all of this, despite being the lightest sleeper on the planet (aside from me.) This is truly a real life miracle.

Anyway, back to Harry Potter – the Weasley’s house just got torched. Damn you Bellatrix!


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